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New and Emerging Technologies, Innovation DB

Innovation DB is the world’s leading database of new emerging technologies worldwide developed by universities and other research institutions working in all fields of science and technology. The database gives manufacturers, R&D departments, venture capitalists, and private equity funds an invaluable tool with which to easily find relevant examples of new emerging technologies and partnership opportunities.

Explore the Database

Innovation DB’s vast database accounts for multiple ways to find new and emerging technologies. When utilising the database, you will notice four sections available to you: Offers, Projects, Patents and Products. These sections can be broken down as follows:

Offers: Find information from institutions looking for a buyer, licensee, or collaboration partner for their discovery or idea, with the opportunity to license technology for your business.

Projects: Read about new projects and view examples of past work that research institutions have undertaken with a commercial partner.

Patents: Browse recent patents filed by research institutions and search for the commercial partners of research institutions via patent data. When combined with the other elements of Innovation DB’s classification system, our patent search allows for wider discovery of the work research institutions are undertaking.

Products: View products available for immediate purchase for your business.

Between these four options, Innovation DB compiles all the necessary information available to you in one place, so that finding institutions to partner with, or to gather information from, is simple. Innovation DB’s rich database makes discovering new emerging technologies worldwide and connecting with a research partner convenient and timesaving.

For Defence Clients

Working under a classified contract for the UK Army Future Capability Command, Innovation DB has created an enhanced dataset specially focussed on defence, using our own world-leading AI to multiply the expertise of our in-house technology scouting capability. View a product brief here.

Please get in touch for a confidential discussion as to how this resource can help you meet the technological challenges that are shaping the future of defence.

How Can New and Emerging Technologies Help My Business?

Using Innovation DB to identify ground-breaking new emerging technologies worldwide can accelerate your R&D and help you bring exciting new products to market. The vast amount of technology available via the database from universities and institutions worldwide can supplement your research and broaden the scope of your projects.

Embracing new technology puts you at the forefront of innovation, ahead of your competitors, and a commitment to implementing new and emerging technologies improves relationships with clients and customers. By improving your products and creating new products that outshine those of your competitors, your business will lead the field in the race to be the market leader. Find examples of new and emerging technologies that can help you, with Innovation DB.

How Can I Use Innovation DB to Discover Examples of New and Emerging Technologies?

How Does Innovation DB Make Finding Examples of New and Emerging Technologies Easier?

Trying to find an emerging technology that fits your objectives and requirements can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are many hurdles to be overcome when looking for new and emerging technologies to supplement your novel product idea or research and development. However, Innovation DB’s database streamlines this process. Innovation DB is a convenient tool your business can use to find relevant information and the output of research to aid your projects.

The Problem with Traditional Ways to Scout for Technology:

The first problem is the sheer volume of research out there, and that research institutions create and publish huge amounts of additional research daily. Moreover, most academic research doesn’t have a commercial application, further increasing the work needed to find the pool of relevant information you need.

Then, if you do find examples of new and emerging technologies relevant to your work that you’d like to explore further, there are other issues you may face. Once information is in the public domain, an idea cannot be protected legally – and researchers love to publish articles. This can become a major problem if you’re looking to implement said research into your own commercial project, which then needs to be patented.

Most research is of course early-stage work from a commercial point of view, so - after discovering something relevant and applicable - you must liaise with the academics to see if they are interested in collaborating on your commercial project. Many will not be. This again increases your workload in identifying the information that can be utilised by your organisation.

Innovation DB Can Help:

This is where Innovation DB is different – our database takes care of these tasks for you. Innovation DB finds, sorts and conveniently displays university research available worldwide that is relevant to your business, can be utilised commercially, can be legally protected, and – crucially – includes technologies being offered by the various institutions for application to your commercial need. This streamlined process means finding the new emerging technologies worldwide you require is possible with just a few clicks.

Read Our Insightful Reports

We regularly publish a whole host of in-depth reports on innovation-driven markets and sectors, and examples of new emerging technologies they are developing and implementing. And as a subscriber to Innovation DB, they’re all yours to read. View all reports and keep up to date, here.

Digital Healthcare Report

Digital Healthcare Report

This whitepaper looks at three distinct areas of digital healthcare and investigates the benefits and challenges these technologies present to the wider medical industry.
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Graphene Report

Graphene: Wonder Material of the 21st Century

This 68-page report includes an overview of graphene developments with examples of application, investability, and forecasts in 2-, 5-, and 10-year timeframes.
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Imaging Report

Imaging for the Future

We look at the imaging market in surveillance, retail, and transport, and investigate data processing techniques, case studies, and future developments and applications.
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Plastic Electronics Report

Plastic Electronics Report

The next in our series of market reports covers the state of the plastic electronics sector (53 pages). With a look at key players in R&D, manufacture, and applications.
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Alongside our unique database of innovative, new and emerging technologies, Innovation DB hosts a vibrant community that allows you to engage with peers in research and development, as well as connect with collaborative partners amongst thousands of global corporations, SMEs, and universities. Join our Innovation DB community today, below.

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