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Lab Innovations 2017

01 November 2017

The UK's only exhibition dedicated to the laboratory industry, 1st and 2nd November 2017. This is your opportunity to discover the latest innovations in laboratory technology, biotech and analytical equipment, from over 130 manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory products.… more

Pharma Integrates 2017

15 November 2017

Pharma Integrates attracts in excess of 80 prestigious speakers and 325 senior industry executives, a top-tier programme of interviews and interactive debate led panel discussions focusing on the strategic issues facing the drug manufacturing sector, playing a vital role in shaping pharma’s future.… more

Digital Agriculture Dinner

22 November 2017

At Innovation DB's next Quarterly Dinner, PA Consulting experts will reveal key insights from their recent survey on how digital technologies will revolutionise agriculture.… more


Graphene - Market Overview

This 35 page report gives an overview of the current state of technology development and applications of graphene, the world’s new wonder material. With a look at key players in R&D, manufacture and applications. 


Plastic Electronics Report

The next in our series of market reports covers the state of the plastic electronics sector. With a look at key players in R&D, manufacture and applications.


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